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Robert Harvey's CLEAN BUSA!

A.K.A. REAPER 12!!!!

This is a "MODIFIED" BOB frame, from Temecula, California. This was purchased by a local racer and i modified the rear frame for the wider tire and kart disc brake set up. This is the one that got me thinkin.......and lead me to my version below in chromoly.

We use Hayabusa/ GSXR steering stabilizers

Pro Chassis (a division of Outlaw Fab Shop) Chromoly Drag Minibike Chassis,

This one will have a Briggs "305" with about 40h.p. and is running the sweet Hoosier Mini Sprint tire

Chassis are built on a fixtured jig table for consistent repeatabilty. Whether it is DOM tube or 4130 chromoly tube, my chassis are 100% tig welded!